Services for Homeowners

New Construction. Remodels.

  • Spray Foam Insulation
  • Cellulose/Fiberglass Insulation
  • Weatherization & Energy Efficiency
  • General Contracting & Carpentry

Insulate Your Existing Home

Stop Heating Your Attic!

Do you have an older home? Are you paying too much in heating bills? Do you have problems with water in your attic or ice dams? If so, we should talk!

Insulating an existing homeWeather like ours, with extremes in temperature and humidity, makes quality insulation a must!

A well-insulated, air-tight home is not only great for comfort…it’s great for cost. Up to 70% of your energy bills each month pay for heating and cooling. Spending money each month to heat a poorly insulated, drafty house is like burning money to keep warm.

Progressive Energy has been in insulation since 1988. We know insulation.

We’ll find your problem areas. We’ll determine which products will work best for your home. We’ll tell you what your best next steps are.

We work with Xcel Energy, Centerpoint Energy, MER and NEC’s Rebate Programs. We have also been a partner with Community Action Weatherization Programs for over 25 years.

Insulate Your New Home

Are you building a new home?insulation for new construction

Let us help you make the right call with your insulation.

By using energy-saving methods and materials, a home that we insulate will…

  • Be insulated for the most efficient heating and cooling possible
  • Meet and exceed current insulation guidelines and building codes
  • Be set up to comfortably maintain a constant temperature throughout the house
  • Have lower monthly energy bills
  • Use less energy

Carpentry & Contracting for Your Next Project

Besides insulation, Progressive Energy knows construction.

We bring our energy expertise and skilled craftsmanship to projects like:

  • High-end Custom Homes (including tear down of existing structures)
  • Home Remodeling (kitchens, mother-in-law suites, cabins, etc.)
  • Custom Projects (greenhouses, decks, tool sheds, etc.)

Contact us today to talk about your next project and get a free price estimate.


The U.S. Department of Energy has a fact sheet that will answer many of your questions about your home’s insulation. You can download it here.