what we offer

Stay Warm. Save Money.


Spray Foam Insulation is the most effective insulation you can install, and it is structurally reinforcing and sound reducing. Spray Foam expands so that all air flow is sealed off. While initial costs to install it are higher than other insulation, it's proven effectiveness makes it worthwhile.


Cellulose Insulation is the most green option available on the market and costs less than some other insulation. Cellulose insulation consists of up to 80% recycled material - finely shredded newspaper. It is an environmentally-conscious option for your insulation project.


Fiberglass insulation is the most commonly found insulation material in Minnesota homes. Fiberglass consists of tiny fibers of glass that trap hot air. It can be either blown-in or laid out as blankets or batts. It's effective for all types of spaces, from attics to crawlspaces and exterior walls.


A poorly insulated and weather-treated home can contribute to your HVAC system working too hard and often leads to equipment failure. Air Sealing and Re-Insulating is the best way to increase energy efficiency and savings.


Making your home more energy efficient is good for everyone! Not only will you stay warmer and save money on energy bills, but you can receive rebates from the energy company. We're a Preferred Contractor with Xcel Energy & Centerpoint Energy.


A blower door test will give you a glimpse of how much heated air is leaking from your home. We’ll come in, get set up, test, and be out of your way with as little inconvenience to you as possible. When we’re through, you’ll know exactly where any problem areas are and we can advise on how to address them.


Most energy in your home is lost through your attic. A well-insulated, air-tight home is not only great for comfort…it’s great for saving money. Up to 70% of your energy bills each month pay for heating and cooling. Spending too much each month to heat a poorly insulated, drafty house is like burning money to keep warm.


A cold house can be caused by under-insulated walls. Our insulation experts can fill the exterior walls of your home with dense-packed insulation so that your house is quieter, warmer, and more efficient. The work can be done from inside or outside, and the difference to your living space - and your wallet - will be felt immediately.


Being a Minnesota resident, there's a good chance that you have an ice house, a cabin, or a camper that you want to want to use year round. We can help make your times of recreation and relaxation more comfortable. By finding the right insulation solution, you can enjoy each season in Minnesota.


Need insulation removed from your attic? An insulation suck out can be performed in attics where there has been fire damage, where mold has begun to grow, or where remodeling requires a redesign. We simply remove all of the old insulation and can then get you to 100% energy efficiency.


Insulation works by inhibiting the movement of air between the outside and inside of your home! By sealing all air bypasses (anywhere that air can go from a heated space to an unheated space) and then adding the right amount and type of insulation, you can stay warm and save money in any season.


At Progressive Energy Corporation, we have years of experience working commercial insulation projects ranging from multi-housing units, buildings built for retail, corporate office spaces, and warehouses. If you have a commercial insulation project, we'll be able to help you identify the right next steps for your space.